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Cheap Storage Auckland

We have cheap storage because the land is so much cheaper further out, and if you dont need to access your possessions often, it could be worth seeing how much you could save by travelling that bit extra. Kumeu is so easy to get to now, from any area, at the end of the north western motorway. All our security fences and cameras are the same as anyone. We use new shipping containers even though they are more expensive than building self storage units…because they are secure, fire safe, very dry and insect and rodent free.


Cheap secure storage in Kumeu  …. Brand new containers


New hi top 20 ft shipping containers $230 per month     (approx holds 3 or 4 bdrm houselot )

Cubic capacity 37.2 cubic metres


New std 20ft shipping containers $210 per month       (approx holds 3 bdrm houselot)

Cubic capacity 33.2 cubic metres

10ft shipping container             $160 per month         (holds approx 2 bedroom household)
16 cubic mtrs                                              2.84 length x 2.35 width x 2.393 height.

11.39 cubic mtr 9ft shipping container  2.59 length x 2.11 width x 2.08 height        $140 per month

9.95 cubic mtr 8ft shipping container  2.33length x 1.91 width x 1.760 height           $130   per month

7 cubic mtr    7ft shipping container     2.08 length x 1.71 width x 1.52 height           $110   per month

5.45 cubic mtr 6ft shipping container    1.500 length x 1.82width x 1.28height          $80 per month

2.25 cubic mtr 5ft shipping container   1.57 length x 1.31 width x 1.10 height           $60 per month.




park your own 20 ft container $130 per month

Inside car storage $210 per month

Store your 40ft container $250 per month


All prices include gst ..there are no other charges.


Kumeu truck hire


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